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Litigation Support

At the end of the day you will have peace of mind knowing your case data, information and documents are being processed to your exact specifications each and every time. GSL Data Solutions has a fantastic reputation of providing exceptional service and tangible results to legal and corporate clients. We operate as an extension of your firm, filling the very needs you firm will require to be successful and remain competitive The vast services GSL Data Solutions provide are available to you and your clients 24 hrs a day.


Electronic discovery is essential to successful litigation.

GSL Data Solutions is equipped with the expertise and leading technology solutions to help manage and process data for electronic discovery. Search, analyze, review and produce emails, images and electronic files. Our superior expertise and customized solutions in Electronic Data Discovery help create a comprehensive case strategy to meet your specific requirements.

Hosted Review

Forensic Data Collection

Evidence can be found on computers, cell phones, PDAs and a whole host of other electronic communication and storage devices.Our team of collection specialists are well-versed in the forensics arena. We employ the latest tools and methodologies in our collections and we are fully equipped to collect and preserve any and all types of electronically stored information. Collected data is then processed and can be reviewed with GSL Data Solutions, LLC hosted review platform.Find hosted review in San Francisco

GSL Data Solutions offers Hosted review, a first-class hosting environment capable of supporting Web-based review in multiple platforms. We guarantee 99.9% up time, servers capable of supporting millions of documents and hundreds of reviewers, integration with large-scale production engines for tiffing, early case assessment options and a team of project managers that are able to train end-users, customize workflow and respond to client requests 24/7. 
Our team of qualified project managers are available for end-user training, database setup/configuration, custom event-handlers/scripts, and TAR/predictive coding workflow consultation. In addition to these advanced tasks, our team provides 24/7 support for basic functions such as loading data, batching, user management, add/remove tags, and various other chores. Our data center is specifically designed to address the challenges presented by the large data sets associated with today’s document review. It is built around a Compellent SAN and dozens of HP blade servers, allowing for a fully virtualized architecture with enormous scalability. We solve the compliance challenges presented by Safe Harbor, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, SAS 70, SSAE 16, and other various legislative requirements.

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