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Electronic discovery is essential to successful litigation. GSL Data Solutions is equipped with the expertise and leading technology solutions to help manage and process data for electronic discovery. Search, analyze, review and produce emails, images and electronic files. Our superior expertise and customized solutions in Electronic Data Discovery help create a comprehensive case strategy to meet your specific requirements.

Our e-discovery imaging and electronic processing software offers litigation teams the power to filter and cull non-responsive e-discovery and scanned documents before review, eliminating unnecessary litigation costs and reducing time. Law firms benefit from a full range of time and effort saving collection and processing capabilities. We support over 2,000 file types for identification and extraction, and more than 200 for printing.

We can extract text and metadata for seamless review with Hosted Review Solutions. Process e-documents, mailstores, file lists and Microsoft Outlook folders simultaneously. Perform de-duplication and culling to process and review only responsive data. Perform enhanced filtering capabilities for faster, more effective searching and culling.

Before you begin your next eDiscovery project, call GSL Data Solutions for a free consultation. We’ll help you strategize the best solution and most cost effective approach to managing you case data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Can GSL process the pst files if we provide it on an external drive?

Yes. GSL can use your data as provided.

02. Can GSL Collect my clients emails from the cloud or hosted email accounts?

Yes. If we are provided the user credentials GSL can collect and process your data from the cloud.

03. Does GSL provide a Cloud based Hosted Review tool for uploading collected data?

Yes. GSL provides Cloud Hosted Review for Web based review.

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GSL Data Solutions has a fantastic reputation for providing exceptional service to visiting legal teams. We operate as an extension to your firm, providing the services your firm will require to be successful at trial. Let us know you and your team are coming and we'll make preparations.


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