Hosted Review

GSL Data Solutions offers Hosted review utilizing the most popular industry platform. A first-class hosting environment capable of supporting Web-based review. We guarantee 99.9% up time, servers capable of supporting millions of documents and hundreds of reviewers. Integration with large-scale production engines for tiffing, early case assessment options and a team of project managers that are able to train end-users, customize workflow and respond to client requests 24/7.

Our team of qualified project managers are available for end-user training, database setup/configuration, custom event-handlers/scripts, and TAR/predictive coding workflow consultation. In addition to these advanced tasks, our team provides 24/7 support for basic functions such as loading data, batching, user management, add/remove tags, and various other chores. These data center is specifically designed to address the challenges presented by the large data sets associated with today’s document review.

Service Details

Database Set-Up

Data Uploading

Custom Workflow Creation

Issue Tag Creation

User & Group Setup

Advanced Searches

Post Production

Create Batch Review Sets

Stage & Run Productions

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Is it expensive to use Hosted Review?

No, the cost is minimal for the use of a powerful review tool saving countless hours of review time.

02. Is Hosted Review only for large amounts of data?

No, our review platform simplifies and streamlines reviewing whether you have small or large amounts of information to cull.

03. Is the Hosted Review platform difficult to use?

No, with minimal training you can become an expert in no time at all.

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GSL Data Solutions has a fantastic reputation for providing exceptional service to visiting legal teams. We operate as an extension to your firm, providing the services your firm will require to be successful at trial. Let us know you and your team are coming and we'll make preparations.


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