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GSL Data Solutions offers video and audio editing and conversion services. GSL can create and assemble video and audio trial exhibits linked to your exhibit index for easy presentation during trial or mediation. We also convert. CCTV surveillance video feed files into viewable formats on any PC. Tell us your needs and we will provide a solution.

GSL Data Solutions is one of the last remaining companies in the nation to offer Video and Audio services in this capacity. This section will need more information to fill up the page so that there is something to read that describes the benefits of using this service.

Service Details

Video File Conversion

Video Trial Exhibits

Video File Index Linking

Clip Creation

Special Effects

Closed Caption


Video Splicing

Audio Noice Reduction

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Can GSL convert VHS deposition tapes to digital format?

Yes, GSL can take VHS and various other types of analog media for digital conversion.

02. Can GSL add Closed Caption to Digital or Analog converted media?

Yes, GSL regularly adds Closed Captioning to various types of visual media.

03. Can GSL offer video editing?

Yes, GSL offers video editing for trial exhibits.

Visiting Attorneys

Trial Preparation Support

GSL Data Solutions has a fantastic reputation for providing exceptional service to visiting legal teams. We operate as an extension to your firm, providing the services your firm will require to be successful at trial. Let us know you and your team are coming and we'll make preparations.


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